Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Our goal at UCP is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. This goal is impossible without the presence of a top notch quality control department. For a precast concrete manufacturer, quality excellence begins with the concrete itself. Due our state of the art mixing system along with our highly trained staff, the quality of our concrete is remarkably consistent with less than 1% of our batches being discarded.

In addition to our concrete testing, each of our products is inspected no less than three times prior to making it to the jobsite. Prior to pouring concrete, our quality control team inspects the product to ensure that the rebar design and placement is correct along with any other accessories that may be embedded in the finished product. Once the product has been removed from the forming a second check is completed on the finished product to ensure that overall dimensions are correct and that all accessories remained secure during the concrete placement. When the product is placed on a trailer for shipment to the jobsite a final check is undertaken to inspect for any damage that may have occurred during the yarding and loading process.

Our quality control department maintains three, plant specific quality control manuals—respectively for PCI, NPCA, and IDOT. The testing and inspection requirements vary between these three entities; because of this we are held to the most stringent procedures of the collective group resulting in constant testing of our product.

From our concrete testing to our vigorous inspection processes, UCP takes tremendous pride in the quality of our products, and we pledge to engage our best efforts to maintain and build upon our extremely high quality standards.