The UCP Difference

Self-Consolidating Concrete For Consistent, Exacting Results.

Utility Concrete Products is the leading Midwest supplier of precast concrete for the communication, electrical and transportation industries. Our customers consider us one of their top suppliers because of our personalized customer service and properly engineered products.

The UCP plant specializes in self-consolidating concrete delivering consistent, exacting results for every project.  Utilizing quality precast concrete products by Utility Concrete means little adjustment is needed in the field. This precision shortens installation timeframes; lessen the excavation required and lowers costs.  Products are manufactured by well trained, highly skilled employees. At UCP there are no shortcuts, each self-consolidating concrete product is made to exacting specifications with quality materials. As our industry awards and longevity indicates, we deliver on quality and customer service.

Precast Concrete Supplier.
Precast Concrete Supplier

Utility Concrete Products, LLC is the leading Midwest producer of precast concrete. We serve parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin including Rockford, Chicago, Indianapolis, Davenport, Madison and Milwaukee.